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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are sold in most Asian markets in nationwide and Canada. Some of our products can be purchased online through In Vietnam, you can find our products under Quoc Viet Foods, For European countries, you can get our products through Herman Kuijper, If you need assistant in locating a market carrying our products, please contact us at (714)283-3663 or toll free 1(866)786-2843 or

Yes. Orders can be placed directly on the website and our products are sold in almost all Asian markets nationwide in the US and Canada.

No, our products do not contain any preservatives. All flavors are processed from natural ingredients

All our soup bases except for Wonton Soup Base are gluten free.

Our products are not perishable. They are shelf stable. You can store them at ambient temperature even after opening. Refrigeration is not required.

Yes, there are some products out that is similar in name and concept, but can’t be compared to ours for we at Quoc Viet Foods focus on quality and taste….keeping it “Simple & Authentic”.As a company that works with many professional chefs and expert in the food industry, we received many numerous feedback stating that their ideal taste and/or better results has been achieved with our products than using conventional methods from scratch.

So far, there is no comparison. No one has match our quality and our price. We are the first company using the modern technology to convert the traditional products into convenient products. Our goal is to provide products that are simple to use and at the same time retain authentic taste and aroma at a reasonable price. Our products are made in the U.S.A. Our products are backed by a group of Food Scientists with years of experience in the food industry.

No, our products do not have Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) added.

Yes, there are cooking directions labeled on all of our products. They are in English, Vietnamese, and some in Chinese while our Canadian products are labeled in English, French, and Vietnamese.

Our products has been in the market for more than 10 years that serves professional experts and chefs in almost all food industry such as restaurants, cafés, food trucks, schools, rehab centers, and hospitals.Public consumers are also able to produced and achieved high gourmet taste in their very own kitchen.

Yes, we have two food-service sizes. The 3-lb unit size (some are packed in 2.5 lb) is for 10 gallons of finished products. Each case contains 6 units. Also, we have the large carton size. Each carton is 40 to 45-lb and it is for 150 gallons of finished products.

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