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Our Savory Soup Collection brings you all the traditional flavors of Vietnamese cooking without all the prep!


Vegan Certified Food & Soup Bases

Our Certified Vegan collections offers all the authentic flavors while still being vegan friendly!



Quốc Việt Foods® Holiday Recipes - Chicken Curry Gravy

We're welcoming this Holiday season with some festive, delicious and easy-to-make recipes! This is our spin on tradit...

Quốc Việt Foods® Recipes - Cốt Bò Kho® Brand (Beef Stew Base)

Nothing beats a bowl of homemade beef stew! Today, we're making a simple and authentic Beef Pho recipe, that takes a ...

Quốc Việt Foods® Recipes - Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand (Thai Tom Yum Soup Base)

What's possibly better than a sizzling hot plate of savory Pad Thai? A sizzling hot plate of HOME-MADE Pad Thai. Ski...

We are the first company to use modern technologies to convert the traditional Vietnamese products into a convenient form.

All products are made in the U.S.A. We have over 100 years combined of experience and strong technical support backed by food scientists.

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