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Quôc Viêt Foods® Recipes:

Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand (Thai Tom Yum Soup Base)

Prep Time

10 minutes

Total Time

30 minutes


4 People

Make Authentic Pad Thai in 30 Minutes!

What's possibly better than a sizzling hot plate of savory Pad Thai? A sizzling hot plate of HOME-MADE Pad Thai. Skip all the guess-work and follow our simple recipe. Made using our secret ingredient: Quốc Việt Foods® Brand Thai Tom Yom Soup Base, used as a seasoning. Save time, without ever compromising on flavor and quality. 

Feel free to add or omit any of the ingredients mentioned in this video. Our products are meant to suit your needs, and your taste! Have fun experimenting.  


1. Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand - Quốc Việt Thai Tom Yum Soup Base (10 oz) 
2. 1 lb Quoc Viet Pad Thai Noodles
3. 1 lb Sliced Chicken Breast
4. 1 lb Firm Cubed Tofu
5. 1 lb Deveined Peeled Prawns
6. 2 eggs
7. 1 tsp Minced Garlic
8. 4 oz Oil
9. 1 cup Water
10. Baked Crushed Peanuts
11. 1/2 lb Chives (2 inch slices) 
12. 1/2 lb Bean Sprouts 
13. Lime


1. Wash Pad Thai noodles with warm water; let dry
2. Cube and fry firm tofu until golden and crispy; put aside 
3. Sear prawn & chicken; put aside
4. Pad Thai Sauce: combine 5 tbsp of Cốt Lẩu Thai Lan® Brand, 5 tsp brown sugar and 1 cup of water; mix well
5. Sauté minced garlic; add and scramble 2 eggs, add chicken, tofu, prawns
6. Add Pad Thai noodles, bean sprouts and chives with a drizzle of Pad Thai sauce; stir fry over medium heat for 5 minutes  
7. Adjust to taste by adding more or less Pad Thai sauce
8. Garnishings and Condiments: top with crushed peanuts and lime 
9. Enjoy!

Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand (Thai Tom Yum Soup Base)
Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand (Thai Tom Yum Soup Base)
Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand (Thai Tom Yum Soup Base)

Cốt Lẩu Thái Lan® Brand (Thai Tom Yum Soup Base)

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